Whole Life Insurance is Based on Actual Guarantees

Whole life is based on guarantees of premium, death benefit, and cash value, plus a “participating” policy dividend that the stronger whole life companies have not missed in over 100 years.

Tax Shelter + Creditor Protection + Not Prison

Whole life insurance is the ultimate tax-shelter for your safe dollars and is also creditor-protected (in some states). That’s why attorneys and doctors love it. Business owners and/or RE investors like their cash liquid to deploy for emergencies/business opportunities. It’s not an IRA, so it’s also NOT subject to the 10% IRA (prison) penalty.

It’s Not an Investment

Contrary to common belief, whole life is not an investment and is not competing with the stock market. It’s for a segment of your safe dollars that you want off the radar of Uncle Sam and off the roller-coaster of the stock market.


whole life insurance

For term life insurance and/or whole life insurance.

Whole Life Features/Benefits:

  • Bond-like returns, but without the losses (see 2022) or the asset management fees.
  • Shielded from state, federal, the 3.8% investment income tax (I.T.T), and the 10% early withdrawal penalty from retirement accounts
  • A true permanent policy saves the need for term insurance that expires 98% of the time.
  • When designed with a disability waiver, it self-completes.
  • Short pay whole life condenses premiums into 10 or 15 years (called WL10, WL15) which maximizes the cash value and policy efficiency, creates a better rate of return and earlier policy cash value availability / flexibility
  • Baby (Juvenile)Whole Life is a great savings account for children. Start them earning compound interest from an early age
  • The ultimate vehicle for legacy/estate planning and providing multi-generational wealth for your family

My firm specializes in protecting your loved ones and assets with term insurance and whole life insurance strategies.