About Moas Consulting

Elan Moas, the founder of Moas Consulting, is the author of the book LAPSED, The Universal Life Insurance Whistleblower.

As an industry whistleblower, author, and consultant, Elan is on a mission to help and educate millions of families about their life insurance and if needed, transition them to effective policies.

“Being a whistleblower is the highest indicator of a person’s ethics and morals; my book and three SEC whistleblower submissions are my best testimonials.”

As a guest lecturer for “Ethics & Fraud” class at Penn State University, I discussed the problems being ignored by regulators as it relates to the universal life insurance industry and how their corporate/financial advisor greed and their quest for higher profits have victimized their policyholders for the past thirty years.

We reviewed the basic life insurance policy types and why these “permanent” universal life policies “lapse” or cease to exist while the insured is still alive and how that devastates a senior citizen reliant on that cash-value and death benefit.

I explained my whistleblower story and decade-long research, earning an honest vs dishonest living, how this trillion-dollar problem dwarfs the Madoff-Ponzi, and how Wall Street is content with the status quo of universal life policyholders getting financially decimated, so long as it doesn’t interfere with positive corporate earnings (and Wall Street’s bonuses).

What a wonderful experience. Thank you, PSU!

My firm specializes in protecting your loved ones and assets with term insurance and whole life insurance strategies.